Killer Bunnies

Tonight we made Easter eggs with our friends Casey and Aubster from downstairs. They were kind of ugly but in a cool way sort of...The eggs I mean, not our friends. Chase made one that said, "Viva La Mexico." No one could figure out why. But it was a lot of fun, see:

Isn't Chase adorable? Except in the first one he looks kind of homeless. :) After the eggs, we played this game called Killer Bunnies. We've played it a few times, and I always lose... but this time, I won! It's a weird game where you try and kill the other player's bunnies. We thought it was especially appropriate for Easter.

Happy Easter!!


Finals are OVER!!

One semester down, two more to go. We are so glad it's over, even if we only have a week to catch our breaths. It has really been a busy few months. Chase had incredibly hard engineering classes... the kind where half the class fails the tests and it's normal. Luckily, it's also normal for the teacher to curve their grades so they still pass. :) My classes were super busy. Note to self: 17.5 credits is a lot. I don't think I've never been so stressed out as I was this semester, but that may have been because my hard drive crashed and I lost all of my work for my classes. But it worked out - Apple reinstalled a new hard drive with more memory and replaced the keyboard and sent it back all in only 2 days. But I did have to redo my projects. Anyway, we made it through.

Chase just finished his finals yesterday, so I decided to surprise him with his favorite dessert, Cherry Pie! I've never made a pie before, but it turned out awesome! Well, so said Chase and our friends from downstairs... I don't like cherries. I found a great recipe from http://allrecipes.com (this site is amazing!) I was scared to make the crust, but it actually worked somehow! It's really flaky. Okay, I'm sorry for sounding so proud, but I really was excited that it didn't totally bomb. But look how cute it is! :)

Munch & Pi

Okay, so here are the turds. They are super cute little guys. :) Munch is the smaller one. He's really shy and doesn't like to come out of his shell, and he freaks out if you try to pet his head. But Pi loves when you rub his head and he likes to walk around our apartment...mostly I think he just wants to escape though.

Pi looks really big here, but he's just up close to the camera. He is a lot bigger than Munch though... He eats a ton!

This one was taken when we first got them. They've actually grown a lot, if you can believe it.

So yeah, that's Munch and Pi. We're planning on making one of those little signs people put on their walls that say, "All Because Two People Fell in Love," and then putting a picture of Munch and Pi under it.