Busy Bee

This past December had to be the busiest month of my life! I can't ever remember having so much I needed to do - all by the end of the month. On top of being a stay-at-home mom to the rascaliest child ever, I had my regular part-time web design job, several free-lance/Christmas gift design projects and the craziest of all - being the secretary for a primary of 110 children... which meant putting together 30+ manuals, designing the front bulletin and updating all the forms and rosters. I'm getting anxious just thinking about that actually. Ha. So anyway, despite it being a busy month, I really enjoyed creating some fun pieces for a few friends.

My lovely friend Amanda just had her baby shower and I was so honored to create her invitations! She is going to be an amazing mother. Baby Mufasa is seriously the luckiest kid in the world to have such great parents. Her shower was honey-bee themed so these were the invitations I made. I also made little labels for the food.

Another project I did was commissioned by our awesomely weird friends (well, one of them - she gave this to her husband for Christmas) who are seriously one of the best-matched couples I have ever met. This quote describes them pretty perfectly. :)

(if you're wondering why they're dressed like Ewoks, see here)

And lastly, I promised my awesome friend Lauren Strobot I would make her a robot print for her to hang up... And... that was like, a year ago. I'm quite the procrastinator - but I finally got it done just in time for Christmas! I printed it and put it in a 7x17 inch frame. I like that it's kind of vintagey looking - I think it will match her home decor better. I wanted it to be kind of personal to her and her husband - she loves to read and he loves basketball. And I love them. 

Anyway, these were a lot of fun to make even though I'm a huge procrastinator and had a lot of late nights finishing them up. I also worked on a birth announcement and a free-lance website that is still in the works, but hopefully things start slowing down a bit and I can post about Christmas!