Etsy Store

Chase's dream is to sell wall clocks, so I made an Etsy shop for him with his first clock! Share it with your friends! Oh, and buy a clock. :) Many more to come!


Our new Wall Clock

Remember the clock Chase made me for Christmas? Well the poor thing had been sitting in the corner of my office while I tried to think of what the heck to do with it. But I finally finished it! I decided to just paint it (as opposed to printing something out) because I love the wood grain showing through behind the paint. Anyway, I really like how it turned out. And this thing is huge! Like, 2 feet wide. Chaser totally rocked this clock. I lurrrve it so much. I'm trying to convince him to sell them on Etsy. You'd buy one right?

Saturday Mornings


We had a nice Easter just hanging out as a family.

On Friday we went to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa LDS Temple with our good friend Aubrey (who's husband is away training for his awesome new job). It was sooo good, as usual. Chase was a good sport and ran around with Finn most of the time and we were really able to enjoy it. I love how it brings the Bible stories of Christ to life, from his birth to his loving example, and finally to his atonement, death, and ressurection. I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. Nothing brings me greater joy and hope in this life than knowing I will be with Him and my family again in the next. It left me in awe of what an amazing, selfless sacrifice he made for each of us.

On Saturday we went to Falcon Field park and had a picnic while watching the airplanes take off and land. Finn loved it! We didn't do anything too Eastery though, like color eggs or make a big basket for Finn... but he did get one big egg with Thomas the Train inside of it! And Grandma Payne made up for our lack of initiative. Let's just say Finn has had way more M&M's since Easter than most three year olds have had in their whole lives. :)

Oh, and Chase and Finn wore matching ties to church on Easter Sunday. BAM, Easter. BAM.