I love Christmas! And Christmas ornaments. In fact, my very awesome friend sells some amazingly adorable/nerdy plush ornaments that anyone who actually reads this should check out. They are seriously too cute. You can buy them at her etsy shop.

10 Months

This sweet little guy is 10 months old. (Okay, well he was when I started this post, I forgot to publish it). Gah, I just can't stand how dang cute he is! Chase and I just can't get enough of him.

So what's he been up to lately? Well... about 2 weeks ago, he started WALKING! 

It has been so fun watching him learn to balance and then see the big smug grin on his face when he realizes he's actually walking all by himself. He's also just as scoundrely as ever. Scoundrely is the new word I made up, inspired by Finn, by the way. Start using it for anything or anyone who is constantly getting into trouble and then getting back out of it by being really, really, really ridiculously adorable.

Also, Finn met Santa at our ward party the other day. He loved it. 

And just because I love old man sweaters, behold my spiffy looking baby: