Finn's Blessing

A couple of weeks ago we had Finn's blessing. It was so fun because Chase's whole family (except his brother Dan and his cute fam) came down from Idaho for the weekend! They loved the AZ weather. Anyway, they arrived at 6:30 on a Friday morning, and since they couldn't check in to their hotel room, they crashed on our living room floor. Sorry guys, our living room is small. :)

We had lots of fun shopping, swimming, playing volleyball, and passing around Finn so everyone could get a little kissing and cuddling in. We're so grateful they made the long drive here!

I love my two handsome boys so much! They are adorable. :)

Chase's family, minus his brother, and plus his new soon-to-be brother-in-law! (Yay Christina!!)

The Grandpas

The Payne side. Love them. :)

Some of our friends came too!

Definitely a day we'll never forget. Chase gave a sweet and simple blessing for our perfect little boy. He's such an amazing dad. :)


Okay, it's still not done. I have to finish making the artwork and hanging up some letters... and I wanted to make a leaf mobile... yeah, and a dozen other things that will probably never happen. :) So here's the little guy's room so far.

We tried really hard to keep it cheap - but I still probably spent too much considering how decorated the rest of our house is. Oh well, it was fun. Here's a little breakdown, just for the sake of us remembering:
  • Crib - gift from Mama & Papa Payne!
  • Dresser, shelving tower, 2 white shelves on wall, and lamp - $85 as a bundle on Craig's List! (Yes, I feel like we stole from them! Such a good deal.)
  • New lampshade - $15 from Ikea
  • Rocker - $35 on Craig's List, fabric to recover was $40 = $75
  • Curtains - $10 from Ikea
  • Valance - DIY, fabric was $16
  • Birdcage - $15 on Etsy
  • Big stuffed bird - homemade by my Mom
  • Baskets - $20 from Ikea
  • Nightstand - $30, half off from Ikea's "as is" section
  • Owl Nightlight - $25 from Urban Outfitters, can you tell I splurged on silly things?
  • Frames - 50% off at Hobby Lobby, I think about $40 for the big one and three small ones.
  • Bedding - $40 on Ebay. Really, we're only using the bumper, so wasn't such a good deal in hindsight.
  • Ottoman for rocker - $18 from Walmart
  • Paint for walls (Benjamin Moore Gray Horse), molding, and spray paint - $50
  • Little nicknacks - under $10 from the thrift store and Joanns.
Total: $429

Sorry Blogger is lame so these pictures are not in order.

Finn's pajamas match the bumper. He insisted he be part of the decor. :)


Sleeping Through the Night!

Just have to document this: Finn slept 10 hours last night! Um, someone get this kid a trophy. He started sleeping 5 hour stretches at 3 1/2 weeks. At 4 weeks it was 6 hours. Now it's been anywhere from 6 1/2 - 10 hours at night!

Also, he gave us his first "real" awake smile yesterday! This is from today (sorry, from my phone):