My Unruly Job

Oh, right. Forgot to post it – but I got a job!

And not just any job. The perfect job! For me. It's the reason I have been jobless (aside from doing a little freelance) for the past 6 months. It's amazing how the littlest things can lead up to such huge blessings. When we first moved down here, we were in an apartment for 3 months in my old home ward and we were assigned a home teacher. The first time he came to visit he asked what kind of jobs we were looking for and told me he had a good friend who had his own web design company called Unruly Studios. He said he'd tell him about me and told me to e-mail my resume.

Well, I didn't hear anything back for 4 months. Then, a week ago out of the blue, the owner e-mailed me and asked to see my work, then for a phone interview. After that he invited me to come meet with him and I started working for him an hour after the interview!

But the best part is that I absolutely LOVE what I'm doing. Their company creates websites for other companies and in the past they would outsource for designers. Now I get to design their websites and logos (which are my favorite to make) and I get to write all the CSS/HTML code (which, for me, is so fun). I love the people I work with. They are really laid back and like to joke around and tease a lot. It's a small company – there are only 6 of us, and 4 of us are LDS.

Anyway, I work full time. My drive is 20 minutes, which is just dandy for me. The only downside that comes with this otherwise perfect job is that I have a later shift, so I work until 6:30 – which means less time with my boy. :( But it's okay. It feels SO good to finally be busy again and feel productive and actually enjoy what I'm doing all day. And my favorite thing about it is that the day goes by super fast. I know Heavenly Father blessed me to find this job. Well, I didn't really find it. It kind of fell in my lap. Which makes me even more grateful. I don't deserve to have such a great job, a beautiful home, a sweet little pup, and the most amazing best friend I could ever ask for. But I sure am glad I have them.