Our first Anniversary! 8.8.08

Well, we've successfully made it through our first year of marriage! And we both agree – if the first year is really the "hardest," then we can't wait for the rest of eternity. It is going to be amazing. :)

Yesterday we celebrated with the greatest day ever. We started off by sleeping in until 10:30 (well, I did). I woke up and came into the kitchen and Chase had bought me a bunch of pretty flowers. He is so sweet, and he knows I'm the biggest sap. Then we made raspberry and cream cheese crepes. Yum! After that, Chase took us up to see these beautiful waterfalls called Mesa Falls. I think he mostly wanted to take me because "Mesa" is in the name. It was so beautiful though. That took a good part of the day, and when we got home at 4:30, we really got into the fact that this was our day to do anything we wanted, and so of course, we took a nap.

Then we drove to Idaho Falls to see Star Trek and eat at Olive Garden. My favorite part about that we when we were eating our salad at the restaurant. Chase got this huge green pepper and bit into it, but I guess it was just too huge, because all of the seeds shot out of it across the table and onto the wall (and my arms). Our waitress thought it was pretty funny. After dinner we rounded off the night with ice cream (of course). It was such a fun day spending time together and relaxing.

I am so grateful for Chase. He really is my perfect match. He is my best friend – I never get tired of having him by my side. I think the thing that I've learned the most about him is how patient he is. And with me, you need to be patient. He puts up with all my faults and loves me so perfectly. And every day he teaches me what it really means to be like Christ. I could never, in a million years, find a better or more wonderful eternal companion. I love him so much. And I know he loves me too. Happy Anniversary Chaser!! (Sorry I'm not the greatest at taking pictures...)

Pretty Mesa Falls...

This is a little drawing I made as a gift for Chase.