Happy thoughts (and lots of pictures!):

1. Well, there's the whole baby thing. I guess it's cool. We're like, sort of excited. :) Five more days until our next appointment! It's driving me crazy how long it feels like it's been since the last one! And we might find out the gender!

First ultrasound. :)

I haven't gained any weight yet, but for some reason my body seems to be moving all my fat to my belly, so I feel like a fatty-mc-fat-fat. :(

2. I married the king of finding good deals. But I am proud to say that I found a totally amazing deal on some baby furniture last weekend! I know, it's really early in the game to start buying furniture, and I wasn't planning on it. But a good deal is a good deal! I was browsing Craig's List just to see what the prospects were (I wasn't too excited about paying $200+ for a new dresser) and I found a listing for a white Babies R Us dresser/changer, originally about $400, and in great condition, for $50!! I emailed the lady who posted it and long story short, we went that night and picked it up along with some shelves, a lamp, and a storage tower, all for a total of $80! The dresser is perfect - the whole thing is solid wood, looks brand new, and should go perfect with the crib we want to get! Yay for Amy finally snagging a deal!

I want to replace the knobs with ones like these.

Love the bead board sides.

Planning on making a new lampshade like this one.

3. Coming soon:
The Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, is less than a month away. Need I say more?

I'm a nerd, if it's not already obvious. Nintendo just announced that the new official Zelda game for Wii will be coming at the beginning of 2011. Who's going to be rockin' the Wii while baby is napping? THIS MAMA!

The first half of the last Harry Potter movie comes out in November! Alright, I'm not the biggest fan of the movies, but I'm a HUGE fan of the books, so yes, this is one movie that Chase and I might actually see NOT in the cheap theaters. And is it pathetic to re-read the whole series in preparation even though I just did last August?

4. Our sweet little pup. I'm pretty sure she's the cutest dog on the planet. We love when she just wakes up because her fur is all pushed down on one side of her face and she just stumbles toward us and tries to paw our faces while she stretches, then she just collapses in our laps. Chase calls her our honey bear because she looks like she put her head in a honey pot and got just her ears all sticky (he's been reading Winnie the Pooh lately).

I made that freakish stuffed animal when I was ten. Little did I know that Mr. Coconut would be Rvca's new best friend. We love to watch her drag it around the house and trip all over it.

Hard to see, but these paw prints seem to be a common occurrence.
It would make me mad, but then she always knows how to get out of trouble.

Cute little head tilt that melts our hearts.

5. Chase. He is just ten times everything I could ever ask for in a best friend. He makes me want to be better and always do what is right. He makes me giggle every night while we read scriptures or talk about our day. He knows exactly how to cheer me up no matter what's bothering me. He is such a hard worker - he redid our whole back yard basically all by himself, working everyday after work and on Saturdays. And he looks totally hot with a beard. Could I ask for more?!

If you look closely, on the right lower corner of his mouth you can see a big white hair in his beard. :)

6. Our beautiful, newly landscaped backyard! All thanks to #5. He is so amazing.

This was right when we moved in. It's the only picture I have. A few days later it was full of weeds! Notice the dead looking tree. Everyone told us to pull it out.

Chase's hard work. Lots of trenches and pipes.

This was 6:30am before the curbing guy came. We woke up and filled up ALL the trenches. I was not a happy camper.

Afterward, some lovely curbing. :)

Just before we started planting.

Okay, we're not landscapers. But we had fun picking out plants. Hopefully they kind of look alright together? We got peach, orange, and grapefruit trees. Canna-lillies and hibiscus. And bright green sweet potato plants.

Sorry I have no "durings" but Chase dug the holes and I filled them up.

Sod all delivered and waiting to be put it. Yah, our front yard had a hard time transitioning to a summer lawn, but Chase fixed it all up.

Sod laid!! Oh, and I don't have pictures, but there was a HUGE pile of rock that Chase spread out in about 3 hours. What a man.

She LOVES it. No more nasty weeds in her fur.

Our lovely green shady tree. :)

This is our front yard when we bought the house. Our back yard looks about like this right now (as compared to the pictures above) and all the lines are filled in. Good to have it done. Next project: nursery. I think I'll have more fun with that one. :)


We're having a baby!

Or a little rascal as Chase would say. :)

So I'm due January 21st. Today was the last day of my 1st trimester so I'm exactly 12 weeks along. And we are SO SO SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

We had our first appointment two weeks ago and we heard the heartbeat and got to see our little grub kicking all over the place! It was so incredible - I wanted to just laugh and cry at the same time. Really, those ultra sound pictures are so lame compared to actually seeing this living little baby inside of me moving around! It was amazing... I still just can't believe we are finally going to have a baby.

Our next appointment is August 4th. I'll be 16 weeks and the doctor said he'll probably take a peek and see if he can tell the sex. :) I'll keep you updated! And maybe post the last ultrasound picture, even though it doesn't really do our incredible baby justice.