Watch out, or my little shark "fin" will eat you up.


9 Months

Right, so I'm kind of in denial about this. How can my perfect, sweet little baby boy already be 9 months old?! It feels like a very silly joke someone is playing on me. He's just my baby, not a soon-to-be walking toddler... Right? Please? Anyone?

But really. I cry. Anywho, here are some recent-ish photos of my handsome fellow. And yes, I admit to having an addiction to taking pictures of my little guy. Sorry for the overload.

Okay, okay. I know I have to accept it. But it's so bitter-sweet. I love that he is learning and growing and enjoying life more as he becomes so much more aware. In fact, there are things I am so glad he is doing that he never did as a "baby" baby. Like, when he's asleep in his car seat, he lets me pick him up and he'll lay his head on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck as I carry him to his crib. Best thing ever ever. And he is getting into that stranger-anxiety phase... He LOVES other people who smile and talk to him - he's the biggest, cheesiest flirt to them. But once he spots me and realizes I am not holding him, he'll pout and whine until he gets into my arms. Which is both super sweet and slightly inconvenient, haha. But I am just cherishing these moments when he desperately wants to be close to his mama. When else will he ever, REALLY, want to be with me at all times? So for now, even if it's inconvenient sometimes, I'll happily pick up my sweet boy when his arms are stretched out for me.

Anyway, as far as his 9 months stats, he weighs 17 lbs, 13 ounces and is 28 inches long. So he didn't gain much since his 6 month appointment, but the doctor said that is totally normal since he's been crawling and running all over the place. He still only has two teeth.

So lately, Finn has been liking some new things:
  • I think this photo says it all:

  • This toy, that some random stranger gave us for free when we were walking out of a consignment store, has become his most favorite thing ever! It even beats out RVCA's dog toys. I'm not surprised - I'd think walking would be pretty bomb too if all I'd ever done was crawl or sit or lay on my back. We usually walk down our one long hallway from one end of the house to the other at least 20 times a day. He'd do it all day long if his mama didn't get tired from turning him every time he ran into something. Anyway, Chase and I think there is nothing much cuter than watching this proud little boy waddle behind his walker. Behold, the cuteness:

  • In case Finn hasn't told you, a day is not really counted as a good day at all unless he makes at least one mad dash for RVCA's water bowl, which involves me realizing that he's not around and hearing him pitter-pattering into the laundry room, then me jumping up and running across the kitchen yelling "FINNERS, FINNERS, FINNERS!" and him turning to see me coming, giggling, and continuing as fast as he can to get to that water bowl and splash it all over himself. I usually beat him to it, but when I don't, that boy has the smuggest little grin on his face.

  • We've discovered mum-mums finally, and he's a fan. I love them too because he can kind of feed himself instead of me constantly popping puffs into his mouth.

  • I bought Finn some suspenders, so I had to make a new tie to go with them. This is one of his Grandpa Child's ties. I love my cheesy boy. :)

    And also, on an extremely-unrelated-to-Finn-being-9-months-old note, I made this dress with the help of my awesome mama and I like it very much, if I do say so. Only cost me $6!

  • Finn may have picked up some of his daddy's musical talents. He's got rhythm:

  • He also thinks it's kind of funny to feed RVCA yogurt melts:

  • And last but not least, my son makes rude noises using my knee:


Punkin Patch (kind of)

So this weekend we went with my mom and dad and brother and his family to some stables where there was a petting zoo, hay maze, and pumpkin patch. We went because they had 2-for-1 coupons on Groupon. Anyway, we unknowingly picked the hottest day of October (97 degrees) and went at probably the hottest time of the day. We were pretty sweaty the whole time and slightly disappointed when we realized their idea of a pumpkin patch was about 20 pumpkins stacked on some hay. But we still had fun getting all hot and dusty! Although next time I will check the weather a little more thoroughly - dang am I jealous of all you cold-weather people right now.

Finn loves his grandma and grandpa Payne, they always make him grin from ear to ear. And I love Fall - even if it feels like summer still!

Time for another haircut.

Lately, this little boy has been looking quite shaggy. Evidence:

So he had a haircut. His fifth haircut in less than 9 months. I swear his hair grows half an inch a week, it's ridiculous. But he's much happier now that he can see! :)