3 Months

Okay, this post is kind of long and sentimental. I'm just trying to write down more things so I don't forget. Feel free to just look at the pictures at the bottom so you don't die of boredom. :)

So Finn is 3 months old! And all I want to do is hold him in my arms and tell him to stop growing up so dang fast! Oh, it makes me want to cry... He's already gotten so big and learned so much. I know I should be happy but I just keep worrying that I'll forget all of these sweet moments with him. I keep trying to take mental snapshots... I just don't want to forget anything about our sweet little boy. I can't believe how much I've fallen in love with him and how easily he makes me smile and melts my heart. Here are some things I am loving about him at 3 months:

I love how we can sit on the bed staring at each other and have a 15 minute conversation about whatever Finn feels like. We just take turns making sounds at each other and he loves it!

I love how when I'm holding him in my arms and rocking him, just before he starts falling asleep, he'll look up at me with his eyes trying to stay open, break out into a huge smile and give me a big "Gooo," and then do it over and over again until he falls asleep. Probably one of my most treasured memories of him.

I love how he knows his mama. At first I couldn't believe that I was any different to him than any other person. But the other day a lady in our ward came over and held him on her shoulder. Chase walked up behind her and Finn gave him a big grin. Then I walked up behind her and his eyes went right to me and out of nowhere he had his huge pouty-lipped frown and gave a big pathetic cry, so I took him from her and he stopped right away. He just wanted me. :) What a lovely feeling.

I love his big chunky dimples! His smile is to die for. Aren't baby smiles the sweetest things? I think because you know they are so genuine. They can't fake or force a smile like we can.

I love his pouty lips and big frowns. Almost as cute as his smiles. Sometimes if he is grumpy we will prolong his grumpiness by blowing at his face just to try and see his pouty lips. We are awesome parents.

I love waking him up in the morning. It's so fun to go in there and see him just staring sweetly at something, and then when I say good morning, he finds my face and breaks out in a smile. Best part of my day.

I love giving him BATHS! I never imagined he would love baths as much as he does... but he'll just sit there and splash water all over me and half the kitchen with this little grin on his face. Bah, he's so cute and now just thinking about it makes me want to go wake him up and pop him in the tub.

Other random things about Finn:
  • He still sleeps like a champ! Eleven hours usually unless I swaddle him poorly and he breaks out. Then he brightens my day at 6am. But I totally don't mind since I get up at 530 anyway and then I get to play with my baby instead of work. :)
  • He's now in his crib! Woop! He'd been sleeping in this rocker since birth, and I was so worried he would have a hard time transitioning, but turns out he'll sleep all night just about anywhere if I just swaddle him well.
  • HE ROLLED OVER! And I know that's not that big of a deal - all babies do it at some point. I actually don't know why I put that in all-caps. Haha.
  • He is doing so awesome at nursing which makes me so so happy. I'm so glad I didn't give it up after we had so many issues (like him being tongue-tied and then needing to relearn how to nurse and being used to the bottle for his first 3 weeks, supplementing with formula, etc.)
Okay, clearly I could just talk about my adorable baby all day. But what mama can't, right? So here are some pictures of our little man from the last month. But first, look how big he has gotten:

How did he go from this little bug... to the chunky little guy below?