Forgot to post pics of our Halloween fun. We decided to go as Juno and Pauly Bleeker. Thanks Amanda for the excellent idea. :) We went to a party at some friend's house and also had a little dinner at our place where we made delicious pizzas on the grill. It was the best Halloween I've ever had! But maybe I was just excited to proudly sport my baby bump. There are a lot more pictures, but to be honest, I'm feeling really lazy so this is all I posted. Also, blogspot has the stupidest way of uploading photos and it makes them all in reverse order and at the top of the post and it really bugs me. I am definitely feeling like a feisty pregnant lady right now. Grr.

Amanda and Adam were Charlie Brown and Lucy, and our friends Matt and Nikki were... well, I'll let you guess. On a less grumpy note, our crib came! Isn't it adorable? :) Can't wait to show pictures of the nursery all finished.