So I have this baby. And he's a clutz.

Finn has been crawling and walking around furniture for a while now and this new mobility really presents a lot more opportunities for him to get hurt. Two nights ago he was in the living room happily munching on some little puffs while walking around the coffee table when he tripped, fell and bumped his chin. After a few seconds his mouth filled with blood and started streaming all over his face and hands. So to preface, this has happened before. He fell and his mouth started bleeding in the same spot, then stopped after several minutes. So we were trying not to panic too much. Anyway, he had smeared the blood all over his face and hair so we stripped him down and put him in a tub. We thought the bleeding stopped, but it was just lighter. So we cleaned him up and put some jammie-jams on him and let him sit on his papa's lap and drink some cold water. He was still bleeding and the water he was drinking quickly turned red.

He seemed happy in the bath and drinking his water, so we decided to feed him some baby food and he ate a lot but was still bleeding a little. After he ate we let him play in his jumper while we finished making dinner. We found him in the jumper with more blood on his face and hands. It seemed like he kept putting his hands in his mouth which made him bleed more.

He started acting tired so I put him in his swing. Once he fell asleep I went to go move him into his room and found him with a puddle of blood on his jammies and blood dripping and coagulating on his lips.

Chase and I were really starting to worry and panic at this point - it was so scary to see him that way and realize he was bleeding more than we thought. I made some phone calls (and sent picture texts) to some nursing and dental friends and they said not to worry unless the bleeding persisted into the next day. After we wiped his mouth (he was still asleep) the bleeding finally stopped once he stayed asleep. In the end, I'm so glad we didn't go to the ER over this, but I have to say we were very, very close when we saw him like that picture above.

Needless to say, we were more traumatized than he was. Our poor baby didn't really know what was going on or what the yucky tasting stuff was that he kept swallowing or why his mouth was aching. The next morning his diaper was tar black from swallowing so much blood. :(

Anyway, his first big owie was a fantastic success.



Finn loves our toothbrushes - he gets so excited that he pants, in fact.


My Little Trouble Maker

Firstly, here are some pic-sirs that we took with my new early Christmas gift from Chase - a new lens for our camera! I won't pretend we know very much about photography, but we had at least decided it might be nice to get a different lens than just the one that came with our camera. I'm liking it so far but still learning! Anyway, I think it will be fun to have as we try and capture memories of our little family.

Secondly, Finn is the silliest baby ever and I love it. Every night he gets into this giggly crazy shrieking mood. He becomes hysterical to the point that if you even look at him or start to come near him in an attitude that implies you might tickle him, he shrieks and giggles before you even touch him!

In other news, there is a growing list of things that Finn likes to make trouble out of:
  1. RVCA's water bowl. If we don't shut the door and I turn my head for 5 seconds I hear little splish-splashes and shrieks echoing from the laundry room.
  2. The recycle bin. It's just a little metal trashcan from Ikea that we put bottles and boxes in, but anytime he's near it he can't resist trying to turn it over.
  3. The spice rack. We have a little microwave stand in the corner of our kitchen and underneath it is our spice rack. He likes to pull out the bottles and try and eat them.
  4. Dog toys. Because baby toys are just lame, in case you haven't heard.
  5. RVCA's bed. Absolutely every single time - without fail - that he is in our bedroom he speed-crawls to her bed in the corner, flops onto it, then turns sideways to look at us. It's so dang cute.

So basically what I'm trying to say is, I still have a lot of baby proofing to do. :)

Also, Finn loves baths as much as ever - as soon as he hears that tub running he will do everything in his power (including steamrolling you) to get to it, even if his buns are out there for all to see. And I just like his hair in the last picture - it just fell like that.