Save your toilet paper rolls...

...and make some pumpkin garland.

These were fun to make. I think they turned out alright, at least better than the toilet paper people I used to make when I was little (no really - I used to have a black garbage bag full of probably 100 toilet paper rolls that I hoped to turn into an army of toilet paper people, complete with little q-tip arms; our kids are going to be such weirdos). Click here for the tutorial - her's look way cuter.

Another update. I guess. Two weekends ago Chaser and I went on a little trip to the Musical Instrument Museum in North Scottsdale. It was really fun and amazing to see how humans have such an incredible desire to create music - no matter where they live. I'll admit, I sat a lot on the comfy benches while Chase walked around more... something about being pregnant makes 10 minutes of standing feel like a day's worth of walking around Disneyland. Anyway, pictures:

The turtle shell leggings made us so sad and miss our little turds Pi and Munch. :( And yes, my husband is awesome and after 30 seconds of messing around on the harp (which he's never touched before) busted out "Heart and Soul" (you know, the duet that everyone plays on the piano). Everyone got quiet and watched him. What a hunk. :)

Last but not least, our little Finn is getting bigger:

The first one is 23 weeks, the second is 24 and a half. So excited. :)

Sorry for so many pic-sirs.