Finn to Win

Finn is so grown up all of the sudden... he's got a big boy haircut, he's talking, and he's into more and more trouble by the minute. And he continues to get out of it most of the time by sheer cuteness (and pretending not to hear me saying "no" to whatever he is doing).

Seriously... he kills the ladies.

Lately, we swim in the backyard in our little kiddie pool or go to a splash pad. Or on occasion Finn just whines until I open the fridge and let him bask in it's chill. Poor kiddo.

The following photo may be one of the best images of all time.

Okay, now some boring-for-you but fun-for-me update-ish stuff:
  • HE'S TALKING! He says these words on a regular basis:
    • Please, thank you
    • Cheese
    • Dog
    • Bath
    • Blue (we watch a lot of the blue dog around here)
    • I love you
    • Shoes (except he says ooosh... like, shoe backwards?)
    • Ice (this is my favorite because somewhere along the road *cough*grandma Payne*cough* we interchanged the word ice to mean cup. So anytime time he sees a cup... or a bucket... or a pitcher... it's "ice")
    • Eyes, nose (he points to mouth and ears but doesn't say them)
    • Belly button (which he adorably says in a silly high-pitched voice that I love)
    • Hi, bye
    • Daddoo (daddy... he won't say Mommy)
    • This
    • Sock
    • Hot
    • Duck
    • And he knows a couple animal sounds - the cow says "mmmoo" and the owl says "hoo hoo"
  • He has always been ridiculously active, but in the last couple of months I feel like this has tripled. He climbs on our kitchen table, tv stand, coffee table, bed and tosses whatever is on them onto the floor. He pulls plugs out of wall. He runs and runs and runs and has so much energy. I can't remember the last time that kid would sit in a stroller. Pretty much since 9 1/2 months he's wanted to walk, not ride. I'm thinking this is what Chase was like as a child, so in that case Finn's going to turn out just fine, yeah?
  • He does NOT understand "No." But that's okay right? Kids don't really need to know that, do they? Oh right... they totally do. If we say no, he'll pause, look at us to make sure we're watching, and slowly begin again doing what we said no to, making sure we are watching, and wearing a mischievous little grin. At this point I usually can't look stern and in most cases I start laughing, which I realize is really bad if I want him to take me seriously, but it really is cute. Chase is better at this than I am. Anyway, if anyone has any tips on teaching a cute-but-soundrelly toddler "NO" please share. Please... I'll bake you cookies.
  • My favorite thing he does now is fold his arms for prayers. Half of the time, he says his own little prayer - just muttering quietly and then finishing with a loud gibberish word that we take to be his "AMEN" because he always unfolds his arms and looks around expectantly.
  • The other day, we were getting ready to leave the house and I had just put Finn's shoes on and Chase walked in and said, "You are SUCH a cute little boy!" and immediately Finn shouted "TANK-OO!" and I died. It was the sweetest.
Finn is learning so much every day and he's growing up so fast that I almost can't keep up. He is the sweetest, funniest, smartest, most loving little boy and every day he amazes me and reminds me of what life is all about. I need to write/blog more often than I do because I feel like all the sweet little moments that happen every day slip away from my memory too fast.

I can't believe that Heavenly Father gave me this little spirit to teach and nurture and provide for... it is such a huge responsibility and even though I know a ton of people who are way more amazing mothers than I could ever be, I'm grateful that I've been given the chance. Four of my closest, very best friends are all struggling to get the same chance... Some have been trying for years and years. It breaks my heart to see their pain and grief and longing to care for a little spirit of their own. Every night I pray for each of them to get that chance and I know that they will - maybe not as soon as they hope, or in the way that they hope, but I know they will and that they will be truly incredible mothers.