The Children

Here's an update on us children.
  • Finn is actually almost 4 1/2 months now, but here are his stats from the 4 month appointment:
    • Height: 25.5 inches = 75th percentile
    • Weight: 13 lbs 13 oz. = 25th percentile
    • Head: 50th percentile
    So basically, he is a long, skinny boy like his papa. Dr. A said he is growing right on track and looks great!

  • I don't think I ever mentioned this one - except all my woe-is-me posts, if anyone noticed. But about 3 weeks before Finn was born, Chase was let go from his old job. Yeah, things were a little stressful, but even though we worried we knew everything would be okay. Heavenly Father was truly watching out for us and Chase received a job offer a week before Finn came. What a huge blessing it was and is. We are so grateful that our prayers were answered. Chase is loving his new job (he's a mechanical engineer at an aerospace company called Able Engineering), his coworkers, we will have much better insurance now, and he gets home at 3:30 most days so he can spend time with me and Finn! Oh, and his lovely guitars. Look, he's handsome:

  • Working from home has been going very well for me too. I'm only working part time, so technically 4 hours a day. But a lot of the time it's a lot less... some days I don't have any projects but I am paid salary, not hourly, which is wonderful! I still love designing logos, websites and building them out, it really is something I enjoy doing. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to help provide for our family but still stay home with my sweet little man. Seriously, I don't know what we've done to be so blessed. I don't feel like I deserve this. I love my handsome boy!

  • Finn is doing great! He just gets more and more fun every day. Chase and I love this little boy so much. I feel like we've grown closer as a couple going through this whole parenthood thing. Chase is the best papa ever. He is constantly asking me what he can do to help with Finn, and he's always stealing him so he can play with him or give him kisses. Finn loves his papa too - every time Chase calls me from work I put it on speaker phone and Finn breaks out into a huge grin when he hears Chase's voice. And he loves to sit on his papa's legs, like this:

    Anyway, this is what he's been up to:
    • He shrieks and yells and chatters constantly to himself. This is him mid-yell:

    • He laughs whenever we swoop in and kiss him or make funny noises.
    • He's super ticklish on his tummy and can't stop giggling when we tickle him.
    • Bath time is our favorite time of the day.

    • He loves his toes and can't get enough of them. Really, I don't know why we even have toys. His favorite things are his toes and a burp cloth.

    • He's sleeping swaddle-free, which has been harder on his sleep. He's done a complete turn-around from sleeping 12 hours at night to waking up 3 times a night. What the heck little man?! But we're making it work.
    • He LOVES to blow raspberries. All the time. And he's so smug about it too. This is how he looks when he does it, happy as can be:

    • We put him in his stroller without the car seat for the first time and he loved being able to see everything. We just put in an insert that Aunt Christina got for him to help him sit up.
    • This is just cute. The other night Chase was snoring and I couldn't sleep, and out of nowhere he gives a loud snore and says, "My sweet little guy" in his talking-to-Finn voice and then goes right back to snoring.
    • Finn and RVCA are pretty good friends. She doesn't jump up on the couch when he's there and she always comes and nuzzles me with her nose when he's crying, like she's saying, "You gonna take care of that?" Although I have caught her licking his mouth one time. Not cool. She loves to play with his feet when he's kicking them around. It's their little game.

    • This kid eats so fast! I only nurse him for like 5-7 minutes usually. And then if I try to get him to keep eating, he just keeps looking at me and smiling and then covering his face with his hands like he's teasing me. Little stinker. I think this is why he wakes up at night all of the sudden trying to make up for not eating during the day, because both started happening at the same time. At night he'll wake up and eat like a normal baby. During the day, not so much. It's frustrating!
Anyway, that's our little family update. Life is wonderful.