One Month Old

Gah, one month went by so fast - I still can't believe he's here! Little man is such a joy to our lives though... It's amazing how quickly you get that feeling that everyone talks about - where you can't even remember life without your sweet angel baby. That's how we feel, like he's always been with us. He is such a sweetheart and we are constantly staring and laughing at him as his cute little personality starts to emerge.

Life has been pretty great with a newborn, especially since you hear all the horror stories about never sleeping and constantly wanting to cry because of baby blues. I'll admit, there has been a day or two where I was running on no sleep, felt like the worst mommy ever, and basically ended the night sobbing (not because of Finn, just because I was sleep-deprived! Okay, and maybe because Finn didn't nap, was fussy all day, and peed/spit up on about 5 different outfits) while Chase put Finn to bed. Haha... yeah, I laugh now because I slept good last night! But Finn is a wonderful baby.

He does have times where he fusses and cries, but you get used to the sound of crying. Chase actually comes home from work and laughs when Finn starts crying because he thinks it's so dang cute. And it IS cute, just not when it's been going on for more than half an hour. :)

Chase is the best papa ever. I call him the baby whisperer because he'll come home from work and snuggle his little boy to his chest and put him right to sleep (after I couldn't get him to nap all day!) Anyway, what I'm trying to say is the last month has meant a ton of changes for us, but it really has been a blast, and I'm loving it more each day!

So some things about Finn at one month:
  • So many people tell us he looks like Justin Bieber we've started calling him Mini Biebs!

  • He's been sleeping really well lately. That past week every night he slept for 5 hours, ate, and then slept 3-4 more hours. So I've only been getting up to feed him once, and I've been feeling SO much more rested during the day. I'm crossing my fingers that this sticks and isn't just a phase!
  • Ever since he's had his first real bath at home, his hair has started sticking up and being really fluffy. I think it is freaking adorable - but it does get pretty wild and it's pretty much impossible to keep the back from sticking straight up.

  • He got his first hair cut! Well, it was just a trim around his ears and neck. We decided he's just not ready to rock a mullet.

  • He doesn't pee on himself anymore! Big thumbs up from mom and dad.
  • We got his tongue clipped and I've been nursing him for a week and a half, and it's going well. Each day we get a little better at it.
  • We just discovered that putting him in his car seat and walking around for a bit knocks him out (sometimes, not always) and sometimes we just put him in it so he can watch us while we eat dinner.

  • Finn and I went to church this past Sunday for the first time, so to celebrate Finn had a huge blowout during Sacrament meeting. Luckily, I had an extra outfit. As soon as I changed him and put him in it, he spit up a TON all over the front of it. LUCKILY, I had another extra outfit (10 points for me for being super prepared!)
  • Whenever he is drowsy after he eats, we cradle him in our arms and he always smiles over and over. It's so sweet, even if they're not REAL smiles yet. :)

Anyway, just a few things about his first month. I'm sure there's a ton more, but this is all I can muster at the moment. Finn was the sweetest little Valentine today though! He was super cuddly. :)

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Aimilee said...

I can't believe he's already had a haircut!! My daughter is almost 18 months old and she's barely had a trim! Think Finn can share some?? :)He's definitely a cutie, glad he's letting you get some sleep!