Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween! We had a pretty fun one this year. Finn went as Young Link! I made his costume (and actually had a blast making it - used a lot of tips found here) and he pulled off the rest - complete with an actual Link-style somersault in the middle of our ward carnival. 

Just charging his sword. Watch out.

Unfortunately we took these midday, so the lighting is pretty bad. But he's so cute, it makes up for it.

Hunting for fairies? 

We took some photos of our awesome friends (who pretty much have the best costumes of all time every year) and this was just a silly one of Finnster putting the boys in their place.

We were also in charge of a booth at our ward party, so I made a bowling game out of Dollar Tree bats (turned upside down and painted white) and a bouncy ball with a face painted on it.

We had a par-tay of sorts too. I documented it poorly, but it was fun and tasty!

I hurried and made a costume 20 minutes before everyone came over, but it worked because I knew what I was going to be - just ran out of time to make it. I was Ash from Fantastic Mr. Fox. But I forgot the cape! :(

Thank you Pinterest, for all of your spooky ideas.


Katie said...

Awesome pics! I love Finn in his Link costume. :)

Chase and Amy said...

Thanks Katie! ;)

Kristalyn said...

Fun Halloween party! You are so crafty and cute and did an awesome job on Finn's costume!!