Mint Green Mid Century Desk

So my lovely friend Amanda graciously gave us her Craig's List mid century desk that she had planned on refinishing before her and her husband went away to law school. Since they couldn't bring it with them, they gave it to us! We have great friends. :)

Anyway, it was painted this horrible brown color. Yikes. I really, really wanted to stain this one too, but it was in too rough of shape that it wouldn't have been worth all the sanding and stripping. So I spent a couple of hours getting most of the thick, uneven layers of paint off (or at least smoothing it out) and painted it with a latex mint green paint (primer included). I really need to learn more about the world of enamel paint and maybe even try oil-based, but I just dread the cleanup. But in this case, it may have been worth it because this paint had a tough time hardening up. Eventually it did, except the drawer fronts, which have a rubber texture on them and will forever have a sticky feel I think.

I painted the original handles, the metal brace under the desk top, and the brass feet a bright white. Once it was finished we moved it into my office and added a glass top to protect the surface, knowing I'd be using it daily for work.

My mom says it's a little too bright but I like it. This was my fun piece that the hubs said I could paint any bright color I wanted as long as I hid it in my office. Keyword is hid.

I'm not so great at taking photos... or setting up shots without wires and boxes. :)

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Anonymous said...

do you remember what paint color you used?